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Dear eBay™ Seller...


Those of you who have been on eBay™ even half as long as I have (I joined in 1999) will fondly remember the good old days when eBay™  was free.


Even a few years ago there used to be unlimited Free Listings Days, but sadly these have become more restricted.


If you sell anything in quantity, you're hit by fees!

Has this happened to you:
You have loads of small listings, maybe selling digital products for pennies.
Day after day the sales come in, a few cents here and a few cents there, all in the hope that the products you're selling will eventually give you a return on your investment from the links embedded within them.


Or maybe you sell the occasional larger item?

Not only do you get hit with the listing fees, but also with a final value fee!


Come the end of the month when you tally up how much you've made against how much your fees are, it's not unheard of to have made a loss!


Is that why you got into business on the net?.... I seriously doubt it!


Maybe you're following someone with experience and you know that "One Day" the revenue you make will be more than the fees you're now paying.  And I'm sure that's true.
But in the mean time you, like lo
ts of others just have to grin and bear it, suffer the losses because 'one day', it will all have been worthwhile.


I've personally read reports of people losing money month after month until they finally start seeing a small profit.

It's just one of those things that you have to endure, because you're building business, you have a dream, a goal to make money from the internet.


You can already picture a future with less stress, more money and those extra holidays can't you?


Well imagine for another moment how much quicker these things could happen IF....
If you could massively reduce your fees in those early days, in fact, if you could reduce them on an ongoing basis!


Think about how much less time it will take to realise your goals of have that extra income now - and not in 6 months time!


If I can show you a way to list your products free....

If I can show you a way to have NO final value fee...


Would that make your picture of a more comfortable future more vivid?
Would it bring your dreams closer with the money you could save to use in other areas of your business?


Are you already excited by the prospect of not having to concern yourself with how many sales you get .... regardless if they were for just a few cents or hundreds of dollars?


If you're not yet - You will be!

Because you're about to discover a secret that no guru has told you about yet!


Acting now you will become one of a small handful of people I've shared this secret with.


What I can tell you is that is is Amazingly Simple.
Anyone can do this 100% Legally without breaking any Terms of Service.


And when you see the simplicity, you'll have an "Oh My Giddy Aunt" moment, you'll be so Gobsmacked! (as we say in the UK)...


I'm delighted to tell you....

...Because you've been misinformed and misled, force-fed thousands of pages of useless information, the same information that is directly blocking you from living the life you want.

I should know... because I have been breaking free from the same information myself, by leveraging my position to discover an underground formula from guys that the "gurus" know about, but refuse to even discuss. And what I found explains why most struggle to make a few cents, while some affiliates pump out thousands in auto-pilot cash each day. The answer may shock you, but it has to come out sooner or later...

The Good Old Days are back!
Yes, it's true YOU CAN list on eBay™


Introducing The Free eBay™ System...


Many Sellers use the lower price shop listings to reduce their cost eg by pointing standard listings to their shop listings.


There is a better way...


You can list free, and the listings will appear in your shop.  You pay no listing fees and no commission for sales.


How do I do it?


The details are in the Free Listings Report...


100% Legal and Ethical

100% Conforms to eBay™ Rules

100% Guaranteed


So now you need to make a decision.  
So is it goodbye now, or Good Buy Now ?
Don't make the mistake of moving on.

Remember it won't take many free listings to save the amount you paid for this report, and of course there is a 100% Guarantee   


NB I have revealed my eBay™ UserId (accessorieswarehouse) and if that does not tell you I am genuine nothing will. 


How many other information product sellers do you know with 30,000 Positive Feedback Ratings?


You can check my feedback and my shop listings...



If you want to learn  from someone shouldn't it be from someone with a proven track record who 'Walks The Walk'? Not some faceless guru who only ' Talks The Talk '?

I offer a full 56 day money back guarantee, buy with confidence!

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Oh.. Here's What Others Say:
"The Free Listings Report is a must have for anyone who has read the 90 day Powerseller™ Challenge."

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Colm Butterly

"If I'd had this for my last 4 auctions it could have saved me over $60 !!"

"I grabbed this report because my curiosity just knew there had to be some catch or con.
I couldn't believe how simple it actually is... not to mention legal etc.

I honestly would never have thought of, or even considered doing the research you've done to discover this.

Simple, Easy & yet highly effective.
Amazing thanx"

Randy Smith

"I have been an eBay™ seller since Jan 2000 and never knew that the methods Keith describes in his report were available. The information on his techniques are powerful, to the point, and precise.

Now that I am armed with this information I should have no trouble getting Powerseller™ status in no time and save a ton of money in eBay™ fees."


Rick Roberts a.k.a RedHat39


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"Full of easy to follow, very well explained information.I only had to read the sales page once and I was convincedthat I had to have the report.

Every eBay seller NEEDS tolook at cutting the expensive cost of listing on eBay therefore, every eBay seller NEEDS to have this report."

Colin Southgate


"I really appreciate how this report gets straight to the point about "The Secret", followed by detailed examples of how to take advantage of this clever money -saving strategy."

Always looking for ways to combat the ever escalatingfees charged by eBay, I read with great interest your"Free Listings Report: The Free eBay System".

It should come as no surprise that you'd be the first to discover and share this simple but effective> technique, given the depth of your eBay experience.

With over 30,000 positive feedback responses, you certainly speak with authority when it comes to trading on eBay.

Your advice on the "pros and cons of free listings" is priceless!

Thanks for sharing your significant expertise on this subject, especially with those of us still learning the nuances of selling on eBay.

Best regards,

John (TheGoodRead)


"You have some great information here!"

"..In fact, some of it was quite shocking! And your only wanting to charge that for it? This information is worth about 3 times that! Just reading it...has given me new ideas and hopefully an amazing future."

Mark McWilliams


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Happy Listing,

P.S. Yes it Really is True, You CAN list Free.
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